The Factories Act 1948

The Act is applicable to any premises where there is 10 or more workers engaged with the aid of power or 20 or more workers without the aid of power, wherein manufacturing process is carried on.

The Act provides Statutory Obligation to safeguard the health and Safety of workers and extends to providing adequate plant, machinery and appliances, supervision over worker, provide health and safe environment.

The Act further imposes obligation upon the Employers of Factories for maintenance of health, cleanliness, amenities such as lightings drinking water, crech etc. adequate arrangement for welfare of workers, working hours, employment of young persons and female workmen, annual leave with wages, shift working, Canteen etc. Factories Act imposes numerous restrictions upon the employers to secure the workers adequate safeguard fencing of machineries, humidity, room size, ventilators, appointment of Safety Officer, Welfare Officer, Special provisions regarding disposal of wastes and effluents, Hazardous process safety provisions, Occupational diseases, Accidents, etc.

Govt. appoints Inspectors under Department of Industrial Safety and Health who visits Factories and ensure safety welfare, Health, Hygiene, cleanliness etc.

There are penal provisions for violation of safety and Health of Factory Workers with imprisonment upto 2 years or fine or both.