Shops And Commercial Establishmnets Act

The act provides stipulation of opening and Closing of Shops, Commercial Establishments, Daily and Weekly Hours of Work, Interval for rest, Spread Over, Weekly Holiday, Employment of Children, Leave with Salary, Welfare Provisions such as Health and Safety, Cleanliness, Ventilations, Lighting, Precautions from the fires, Holidays and Sick Leave, Leave Encashment.
The Act provides compulsory registration under Shops and Establishments Act and subsequent renewal. The Registration Certificate issued under this Act is valid for one year/ three years/ 5 years/ one time except the circumstances where the Registration Certificates has to be amended for changes in the no.of employees, employer, address change.
Further there are stipulations under the act regarding responsibility for Payment of Wages, Fixation of Wage Period, Wages for Overtime, Deductions which may be allowed from wages. As per the act Registers are to be maintained and Abstract of the Act to be displayed in the notice board along with valid Registration Certificate.
The Shops and Establishments Act insists display of Notice of Period of work, issue of wage slip, register of wages, registration of fines, deductions and damages etc.
The employer is required to submit Quarterly, Halfyearly and Annual Return varies from State to State. The Govt. appoints inspectors from Labour Department who visits Shops and Commercial Establishments, Review the compliance, maintain by the employer and take corrective action wherever necessary. The penal provision given under the act is imprisonment or fine. The Act strictly enforce display of Name of the establishment with the Regional Language on the top followed by English version.