Minimum Wages Act 1948

The object of Minimum Wages act is to provide for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain establishments and the provisions of the act are intended to achieve the object of doing social justice to the workers employed in scheduled employments by fixing Minimum rates of wages for them.
The act is being implement by Central and State Governments the employer should pay employees wages as fixed and notified by the Govt. The act has provided procedures of fixing and revising Minimum Wages.
The Act authorized the Govt. to fix the hours of work, a day of rest with remuneration and payment of OT and double the ordinary rates of wages, minimum wages, revision of minimum rates etc. Employer should display in Notice Board Minimum Rates of Wages, Name and address of Inspector, Abstract of the Act and Rules and Maintain Register of Wages, Muster Roll, Register of Fines, deductions for damages or loss, Register of Over Time and submit Annual Returns to the Authorities under Minimum Wages Act .
For any offences regarding nonpayment of Minimum Wages Employer has to face imprisonment upto 6 month or find or both.
To sum up the Act is aimed to prevent exploitation of the workers and hence the employer are required to pay Minimum Wages to the employees,through they may not have the capacity to pay the Minimum Wages by Govt.